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Dear Future Success Story...

What if there was a complete guide that could help you become a successful Ebook Publisher with Easy to Follow Step by Step Instructions?

Would you take action if this course showed you how to Create, Publish, Promote and Make Money from your Kindle Book Titles using your own name or with your 'Secret' pen name?

With the 'Ebook Profit Academy' you will discover the exact methods that will help you produce money making ebooks time and time again.

Unique 'Step By Step' Guide to Create, Publish, Promote and Make Huge Profits With Your Ebooks...

Making money with Kindle Publishing is not difficult.

You just need to follow a few simple steps and get yourself fully organized.

I know what it's like to be confused by the whole ePublishing process and I used to spend endless hours asking myself the same questions over and over again, like:casual man in various poses for use in advertising,

  • How do I create a book?
  • Where do I find a pen name?
  • Who can design me a book cover?
  • What should I outsource?
  • How do I put my book live?
  • Where should I promote my book?
  • And how do I make sure that my new book continues to make me money?

Once you know, it's EASY!

I don't need to ask these questions anymore and I don't want you to either, that's why I created the 'Ebook Profit Academy'.

Keep reading to find out more...


Discover a System that has made me
$1000/month PART TIME!

Let me be honest with you!

Ebook Publishing has been a part time business for me for a while but with the results I've been getting using the System detailed in the 'Ebook Profit Academy', I'm trying to scale down other activities and spend more time with my Ebooks.

It's proving to be just a little too successful!

Last year I was in the position that a lot of Ebook creators find themselves in, I just couldn't get the sales on my books moving in a way which really made me happy.

Maybe you've found yourself in a similar position?

It was time to do things a little bit differently!

So I started to test various methods of how to get sufficient downloads to get that all-important 'Social Proof' for my books and then make consistently good sales.

It took a while but I Discovered a System that really does work, and that is what I'm going to share with you in the Ebook Profit Academy.

The Real Beauty of this...

As I've said, for me this is a part-time business, but it still brings me around $1000/month and you can do the same!

Or you could really scale it up and work at it full-time and watch your income increase FAST.

Part-time earnings for just 1 Month
with one of my 'Secret' Pen Names!


Starting the Promotion Phase!

Climbing up the Bestsellers...


Niche Number 1 Slot!



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Ebook Profit Academy - Bronze Membership

Revealed: The 'Phases' which turned my books into Money Making Machines

The Ebook Profit Academy has two goals!

  1. To help you become a Successful ebook Publisher
  2. And make you a Ton of Money...

You can of course carry out all the steps in the course yourself but for really quick success the academy also show you how to outsource these tasks, should you want to.

To me, time is one of the most valuable things in this world and that's why the Ebook Profit Academy will...

  • Benefit 1 - Show you how you can outsource the majority of your publishing work, saving you valuable time!
  • Benefit 2 - Give you the confidence to become a successful ebook publisher
  • Benefit 3 - Teach you how to increase your book sales quickly with a proven book promotion 'phase' system
  • Benefit 4 - Help you gain more freedom to work on your next book idea!
  • Benefit 5 - Put you fully in control of your business and help you become totally organized

See what some happy customers think of the Ebook Profit Academy...

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30-Day 'No Loopholes' Get Your Money Back Guarantee

This course gives you everything you need to become a successful Ebook Publisher, well almost everything! You also need to be completely committed to following the steps in the ‘Ebook Profit Academy’ and taking that all important ACTION…

But saying all that, I am so confident that this course will give you the knowledge and the tools to become a great success with your Ebooks that I am offering this…

30-Day ‘No Loopholes’
Get Your Money Back’ Guarantee

And thats 100%, no-questions-asked!

Even if you’re ‘on the fence’ about whether this product and all the great bonuses are for you, why not just give it a go?

You really have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


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After you click the button below and enter your payment information, you'll receive instant access to the Ebook Profit Academy and the 5 fantastic bonuses.

Night or day? Doesn't matter, you're straight in...

Anyone can pick up the Ebook Profit Academy, follow the step-by-step guide, publish an ebook and make money from this proven book promotion system.

In fact, I've tested this product on unsuspecting family members, with no experience of book publishing with very pleasing results!11095448_s

However, in the early testing, I noticed that a little bit extra was needed to help 'you' become organized so you would know exactly what stage your books were at and what you needed to do next.

That's why I created some fantastic bonuses which are really going to help your new business fly....Lets take a look at these:


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Ebook Profit Academy - Bronze Membership

So what else does the Ebook Profit Academy give you?

That's Over $550 of  Ebook Profit Enabling Bonuses!

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Ebook Profit Academy - Bronze Membership

To Your Success, Photo_black and white

Jon Crimes

P.S. If you've tried to make money with eBooks before and failed then it isn't your fault. You just need to follow a Proven Step by Step Formula and then watch your new business make some SERIOUS MONEY!

P.P.S. Please don't expect any unneccessary 'Fluff' in this course, that's not what I'm about! The Ebook Profit Academy is a 'Straight to the Point' eBook Money Making Course that will take you by the hand and show you how to make serious profits online.

Don't hesitate. Invest NOW and take a big leap towards your new eBook Publishing business!