Here's Your Opportunity To Not Only receive the full eBook you ordered, But ALSO to WATCH And Copy Me while you implement the training!

We find so many people these days prefer to watch a video so they can pause, take action, then move onto the next thing they're doing.
So I've created 16 Step by Step Videos (And AUDIO MP3 Tracks for those on the move) that YOU can Follow Along With!

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From The Desk Of Jon Crimes -Ciudad Quesada, Spain

Dear Next Success Story,

How about watching or listening to this whole course with a fantastic series of high quality Videos and Audio MP3 tracks?


When I created the 'Ebook Profit Academy' I thought it would be great to give members the choice of how they want to follow the training.

For some, the Ebook, Bonuses and Resources are just fine and this package is called the Academy 'Bronze' membership level. But if you're anything like me then you might want to consider some 'over the shoulder' assistance and this is where Academy 'Gold' membership comes highly recommended!250

16 High Quality Videos which take you (by the hand...) throughout the whole training course.

And... who's got an MP3 player these days (or a mobile phone, iPad etc...)?

Audio Ebooks are becoming more and more popular and for some people listening to the course information and being told what to do next is just the ticket to the success they are looking for!

So I created 16 Audio MP3 Tracks as well!


Great if you're on the move or just want to chill out, close your eyes and listen to the full training course!!!

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The Full Ebook Profit Academy Course
in 16 High Quality Videos!

This is a fantastic way to follow the Ebook Profit Academy and move your business forward at lightning speed!

16 High Quality Videos which will 'take you by the hand' and show you every aspect of this course in a unique and detailed way.

The Video's include:

  • Kindle & the importance of BSR
  • Outsourcing
  • Bestseller Research
  • Pen Names
  • Keyword Research
  • Chapter Ideas
  • Writing an Ebook
  • Your Book Description
  • Email Marketing
  • Kindle Formatting
  • Creating a Book Cover
  • Publishing Your Ebook
  • Your Magic URL
  • Promoting Your Book
  • Maintaining Your BSR
  • The Final Word

Plus 'Live Examples' of each and every step!

After you click the button below and enter your payment information, you’ll receive instant access to the Ebook Profit Academy Video Training Course, Ebook, Members Area Access, Bonuses and Resources and become an automatic 'Gold' Academy Member.

Night or day? Doesn’t matter, you’re straight in…

Ebook Profit Academy - Gold Membership

But wait! Didn't I mention an MP3 Training Course as well?

Course Videos +
16 MP3 Audio Tracks

With the GOLD Membership Package you can use the Full Video Training when sitting at the computer (or relaxing in bed!) and also listen to the full course with 16 Audio MP3 Tracks whilst on the go and away from your desktop, iPad or Laptop!

Think about how you can get the most out of this MP3 Training!

  • Listen in the car whilst driving to work or dropping the kids off at school!
  • Absorb the 'Ebook Profit Academy' whilst doing your everyday chores at the same time (might make cleaning the bathroom a bit more pleasurable?)
  • 30 mins down the gym! Wow, with Academy MP3's on your player your getting fit and learning at the same time.
  • Want some help with any part of Ebook Publishing but haven't got time to watch the video or flick through the Ebook? Simply skip to the right MP3 track and get your Ebook business back on track...

The Audio Training is a great addition to your
Ebook Profit Academy Membership and is brilliant for anyone who likes to learn simply by listening!

Instant Access to Your Academy Video + MP3 Training Today!


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Ebook Profit Academy - Gold Membership

To Your Success,

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Jon Crimes

P.S. Just IMAGINE what a difference it will make when you have 16 Academy Videos & a full MP3 Audio course to backup your training and speed up your business success.

P.P.S. Sorry, I can't guarantee that how long these discounts will be available!!!