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Dear Academy Member and Fiction Author,

Writing your own books is great and can be extremly profitable but the last thing you want to do is find yourself staring at a blank computer screen, struggling to create a fantastic plot for your next Best Selling book!

Don't waste time on:

  • reading other authors stories to try and get the ideas flowing!
  • hoping for that moment of divine inspiration!
  • or just saying 'to hell with it' start to write anyway but then discover that you should have had a decent plot to begin with!

The bottom line here is that if you want to make serious money writing your own ebooks then you need to come up with superb fiction plots that are going to have your readers hungry for more!

FIRSTLY! What Will A Well-Written Fiction Plot Do For YOU?

A well-written plot will provide enough information to spark your creativity, without giving so much detail that you will feel stuck in someone else’s story!

A strong plot will:

  • Define the characters;
  • Explain the conflict that your main character will want to overcome. This will drive your story;
  • Map the turning points in your story, leading the character to resolving the conflict of the story;
  • Demonstrate how the main character changes on the journey to the conflict resolution;
  • Hint at the setting that supports the story;
  • Describe how the conflict was resolved at the end of the story…

Story Plots That Are Suitable For New And Experienced
Book Authors!

Your Access To Fiction Plots That Will Make Your Books Instant Best Sellers! hires the very best fiction plot writers to ensure that you have pre-made book plots, assembled as a plot series, giving you the ability to create outstanding profits with your book publishing business!

Each fiction plot series is created in the following format:

  • OVERVIEW: This is the essence of your story and sums up what it is about in two sentences or less.
  • SHORT SUMMARY: This section describes in greater detail the basic storyline.
  • CHARACTER LIST: A list of the main characters (protagonist, antagonist, etc.).
  • CORE CONFLICTS: The core conflicts your characters face.
  • STAKES: What your characters stand to lose, and what is at stake for them.
  • 10 CHAPTER OUTLINE: A step-by-step breakdown of each chapter with a short summary detailing what each chapter includes.

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More About Membership! currently have several plot authors and a dedicated webmaster on their payroll.

All are people with extensive experience with writing fiction books.

Their writers create sets of 3, 5, 7 or 10 plots in the following categories: romance, mystery, science fiction, fantasy, paranormal and action thrillers.

When a plot author finished their work, this is then uploaded to your membership area so you can get writing straight away safe in the knowledge that you already have an excellent story outline to work from.

To give you an idea of the size of the membership area!

One year after launching this program had:

  • 167 full-length plots (2500-3500 words each)
  • Most plots are in series plot sets
  • Bonus Story Ideas
    • 12 Mystery Outlines
    • 272 Two-Sentence Story Starters

And they  loading an average of 14 new plots each and every month.

Monthly Membership

Fiction Plots Monthly

Frequently Asked Questions

Got any questions? You might just find the answers here...

Question: Can I change the names of the characters and the setting where the stories take place?

Answer: In fact, we recommend that you do. When you are buying book plots, the goal is to get a story outline from which you can create your own stories. We strongly recommend that you change the names of the characters, the settings, and anything else you need to change to make these stories your own.

Question: Will there be additional genres covered in the membership site, beyond those listed?

Answer: Yes. This is a living program, meaning that we learn what people want as we go, and we give people what they ask for from us.

For the initial set of plots, we wanted to cover romance, historical romance, mystery, paranormal, fantasy, science fiction and action thrillers. Later on, we will definitely be adding others.

You can contact us through the form on our website or through our support email address to make suggestions.

Question: How many plots should I expect to find in each plot set?

Answer: 3 to 10. Each series is being mapped out with ten chapters per plot, 3-10 plots per series.

Question: Will you offer 6-month membership options as well?

Answer: We won’t be offering a six-month plan, but we do offer a monthly, quarterly and yearly plan, plus our lifetime plan is dirt cheap right now.

Question: What formats are the plots delivered?

Answer: All of the plots are loaded into the website as HTML pages. We have done it this way to make it easy for you to copy-and-paste the parts of the plots you want to take — be it the entire plot or pieces of the described plot.

As a result of requests by a number of our subscribers, we have also added DOC and PDF formats to the mix for plot sets that have been completed.

Question: What if you are creating plots in genres I am not interested in writing?

Answer: Let us know what kind of plots you would like to see delivered, and we will schedule your requests in our workflow if our writers feel comfortable writing in those areas.

Question: What if you fail to deliver new plots in any month?

Answer: If that happens, then I will have failed to deliver on my promise and you should request a refund for that month.

Question: Are you really only going to be delivering about 14 plots per month?

Answer: We are working hard to make sure that we are able to deliver what we promised. I have several plot authors in my employment, and some are producing plots much faster than the others.

Question: How many plots will I get access to within this membership?

Answer: Right now, there are 167 plots (11-30-2015). More plots are being added about every two weeks.

Question: How many plots will be available to me each month?

Answer: Everything you have seen previously will be available to you so long as you remain a member.

Lifetime and Annual subscribers will always have access to everything immediately and going forward.

Monthly and Quarterly subscribers will have access to a base-set of 120 plots in the first month, then additional plots will be delivered every 30 days.

Question: Why are your plots more special than those I can buy from others for about twenty bucks?

Answer: Most sets of fiction plots that you will find elsewhere are sold in packages of ten. I have seen those ten-sets sold for anywhere from $12 to $50 per set. All are within a single genre, but they are ten stand-alone plots.

Most of the plots provided within my Fiction Plots website are packaged as series plots, meaning that you can use them to develop a book series of 3-10 books.

Question: How can you afford to continue to operate this website in a profitable manner if you are selling a Lifetime Subscription for such a low price?

Answer: Most of my customers are on a monthly or quarterly subscription. Those monthly and quarterly subscriptions will continue to bring revenue to the site that will continue to pay for the creation of new plots.

Lifetime subscribers are providing me the resources to develop more plots up front. Monthly and quarterly subscribers will help pay for ongoing costs.

Question: What assurances do I have that I will get more than a year or two worth of plots?

Answer: You have my word. The only way that this project will end is if I die of natural causes or I get hit by a bus. So far, I seem to be pretty healthy but I did recently turn 50. ;) I still find that news shocking. I don’t feel that old.

I have advised my ex-wife that should I die prematurely, she should sell this website to someone who has the skill set to keep it moving forward.

Question: What about duplicate content? Won’t I get banned from Amazon if I publish books written with your plots?

Answer: This is a non-issue for several reasons.

ONE: You will want to change the names of the characters and the name of the locations, to make the story your own.

TWO: These pre-written plots will most often serve as a spark for your own creativity. You will make changes to the stories to turn them into something that is more appealing to you. Some people take out scenes, add scenes, merge multiple plots into one, and divide a single plot into several books.

THREE: If you and I started with the exact same outline, both of us will absolutely create completely different stories. In modern storytelling, Star Wars, Harry Potter and Percy Jackson all were written with the same basic foundation — the Heroes’ Journey. I think you would be hard-pressed to suggest that any of these stories were the same.

The bottom line is that no matter which single plot we take, all of us will derive a completely unique story from it. Our customers will not know that we all had a similar starting point, nor will Amazon consider our books to be duplicate content.

Question: Why don’t you just use these plots for your own books?

Answer: I do. But I developed this program as a result of several of my customers asking me to help them find plots that they could use for developing their own stories, and more specifically, to help them develop a future book series.

I have been providing training and services to writers since 2001, so when enough people requested something like this, I decided that I knew how to find and hire the right people, so that is what I did.

So far, I am hearing wonderful success stories from my customers about how this program has been able to help them produce more fiction stories. It pleases me to hear such stories.

Question: How much money can I expect to make using your plots?

Answer: I am not the right person to answer that question. I have no idea what you will do with these plots, or how much effort you will invest into your books. I have no idea if you will create a good title, an attractive book cover, or a book description that will convince people to buy your books.

Question: What if I have more questions?

Answer: Send me an email at: support *at*

Be aware that I will respond from my global support email address at: support *at*

Question: What genres are you currently creating plots?

Answer: Half of our plot authors are creating plots in the romance genre, and the other half are creating plots in a wide range of alternative genres.

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