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Pre-Launch & 3 Day Crush Campaign

Why not really SMASH your campaign with these pre-written emails?


3 Days to really CRUSH it and they will be eating out of your hand!


We've also included some great Pre-Launch Emails that you can use before you begin the '3 Day Feeding Frenzy'!

So, start sending the Pre-Launch Emails from the June 8 then...

MondayJune 13              Tuesday Jun 14                      Wednesday Jun 15

   Crush Email 1                Crush Emails 2 + 3               Crush Emails 4, 5 & 6


Pre-Launch Email 1


Pre-Launch Email 2


Pre-Launch Email 3


Pre-Launch Email 4


Pre-Launch Email 5


Crush Email 1 (send on June 13 @ 9:00 AM EST)


Crush Email 2 (send on June 14 @ 6:00 AM EST)


Crush Email 3 (send on June 14 @ 4:00 PM EST)


Crush Email 4 (send on June 15 @ 9:00 AM EST)


Crush Email 5 (send on June 15 @ 5:00 PM EST)


Crush Email 6 (send on June 15 @ 10:00 PM EST)

Blog Posts and Reviews

2 Blog Posts for you to choose from!


How about spinning the content and making them more unique?


Click HERE to check out some Free Article Spinning Software


Blog Post Review 1


Blog Post Review 2

Signatures and Twitter

Great to add as your Signature into Forums.


They're also 'Twitter Friendly'!

Signatures and Social 1

Signatures and Social 2

Signatures and Social 3

Signatures and Social 4

Signatures and Social 5

Signatures and Social 6

Signatures and Social 7

Signatures and Social 8

Signatures and Social 9

Signatures and Social 10

Banner Adverts

A selection of Banner Adverts to use on your Website, Social Media or beyond!

Banner 120 x 240

Banner 125 x 125

Banner 250 x 250

Banner 350 x 250

Banner 120 x 600

Banner 160 x 600

Banner 468 x 60

Banner 728 x 90

Discount Coupons

Here's 2 Discount Coupons which you can offer to your customers, if applicable!

Discount Coupon 1:


This gives your customers $5 off the price of the Front-end Product (Bronze Membership)

Discount Coupon 2:


This gives your customers $5 off the price of the Upsell Product (Gold Membership)

Discount Coupon 3:


This gives your customers $5 off the price of the back-end Monthly Recurring Product (VIP membership)

Note: There is no expiry date on these Discount Coupons. your customer can redeem these at JVZoo Checkout!

JV Bonus Template

I've created this Bonus Template to make increasing the amount of money you can make with the Ebook Profit Academy as easy as possible!

You'll see that I've added 5 Fantastic Bonuses to the Template which really compliment my product and offer even more value to your customers.

But to really smash those Commissions you will need to:

  1. Create a Video Review of the Product! A Walkthrough of the members area works well or maybe a 'face on camera' video talking about why you highly recommend the product?
  2. Add at least 1 extra bonus of your own to the Template! Make this Bonus page your own and really make customers say WOW!!!

Please also follow the 'Template Notes' and don't forget to delete these when you've finished working on your page.


After you download the files below, please upload and host on your own server because the Bonus page will be getting removed after the launch.





Want some help with installing the OP2 Template?
Here's a useful guide!

Any problems give me a shout.
Jon Crimes

Fast Action Bonus!

How about an Exclusive Short Report that you can offer as a Fast Action Bonus?


Click HERE to Download the 'Finding Profitable Kindle Niches' Guide